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Conceived in the beating heart of the Emilian Motor Valley, with its automated and smart devices for the maintenance of vehicles, together with its eco-friendly approach to engine care, Proxind aims at revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket.

Proxind is a proud supporter of Made in Italy, which has made it a reference point for many internationally renowned companies in the Automotive Aftermarket in over 30 countries.

Proxind exports automated machines for the cleaning of engine parts and environment sanification all over the world. Its main target is represented by famous manufacturers of additives, oils and liquids for vehicle maintenance and engine cleaning.

The Proxind team has a sincere passion for innovation and dialogue; in us you will find a reliable and experienced partner , which will allow you to always be one step ahead in this sector, which is increasingly projected towards the future.

Being born in Italy and growing in the world, this is the synthesis of our history. We will continue to look forward, extending our horizons and helping to strengthen the value of the “Made in Italy” brand, made up of know-how, dedication, genius and creativity

CEO Davide Ostigliesi



Research & Development

Both the technical design and the production are followed internally by our engineers in the factory in Parma, Italy.

Quality of Components

Our machines are entirely produced with Made in Italy components, reliable and of the highest quality, purchased from suppliers located almost exclusively in Northern Italy.

Customization Service

We produce exclusively in private labels, we are not on the market with the Proxind brand. The projects of our products are always carried out following your instructions and requests.

Customer tailored assistance

Proxind is open to dialogue and listening to your needs, satisfying your requests during the design phase and actively supporting you during the production and delivery phases.

Excellent technical knowledge

Proxind engineers and technicians will meet all your needs, creating tailor-made projects for you and answering technical questions.

Deliveries all over the world

Proxind devices are present in more than 30 countries and on every continent, demonstrating the experience and reliability of the brand.

Vision & Mission

Proxind’s mission is to ensure that its customers offer to car workshops devices capable of guaranteeing better vehicle performance, reducing exhaust emissions thanks to reliable devices, which allow them to stand out with customized and tailor-made solutions.

Proxind’s Vision is projected towards the future, with the adoption of a dynamic approach to the design of machines and software, which leads to the production of technologically intelligent, automatic, cutting-edge and new generation devices.


We guarantee a better performance to the vehicle, reducing emissions


We build machinery using only made in Italy components, which guarantee a long life


We create private label devices following your instructions and requests


We produce intuitive and fully automatic devices


We contribute to offering a professional service with new generation machines in a constantly evolving sector


We are willing to make changes to ongoing projects, according to your needs

Quality: Proxind is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

Our Certifications

The Company

On 14 December 2018, after having passed all the audits required to obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, the international institute IQNET-CISQ awarded Proxind the quality certification n. 1819.2018 .

Issued on the basis of rigorous evaluation parameters, the certification represents the maximum guarantee of quality of company systems; Scheduled internal audits are envisaged and applied to always offer a high quality of services and products.

Proxind offers its customers the guarantee of ever greater timeliness, punctuality and flexibility. Through quality certification, all Proxind staff are directly and indirectly involved in responding to your present and future needs.

Proxind provides adequate training to each worker on the risks related to health and safety in the workplace connected to the activity of the company in general, in addition to the procedures concerning first aid, fire prevention and fight and evacuation of the workplace.

Request Information

Send us an email with your request and we will forward it to our competent staff members, who will find the best solution for you.

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Technical Assistance
Professional and helpful, our highly-qualified team of experts will help you solve any problem you may have.
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15-month warranty
All Proxind machines and devices are guaranteed for 15 months from the time they are shipped. In the rare event that one of our machines should fail, Proxind will quickly ship spare parts.

Conceived in the beating heart of the Emilian Motor Valley, Proxind aims at revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket.

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