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Personalization service

A machine for your clients, made by you

The philosophy that distinguishes Proxind from similar companies is the choice not to sell products under its own brand, in order not to compete with its customers.
In fact, we exclusively produce customizable private label machines based on your specific needs.

Furthermore, Proxind is specialized in the development of innovative projects. The production, creation of prototypes, production and quality control of new machines can be done in-house upon your request, so that we can turn your ideas into reality by following your guidelines.


The customization types offered by Proxind are:

Customizations available


The outer structure of most Proxind machines is made of metal, and its dimensions can be modified according to the technical specifications chosen by the customer.
Furthermore, the design of the outer metal structure can be customized as well, so as to have a machine that differs from any other on the market.
Finally, the color of the metal structure can be chosen based on your brand.


Control panel

The control panel of our machines is customizable to meet any of your marketing needs.
Customization includes: company colors, stickers with company logo and stickers with marketing messages.



Most of Proxind’s machines have an alphanumeric display, on which your brand and trade name can be displayed and be always clearly visible.
Proxind’s machines of the latest generation have a graphic display that allows you to customize the machine even more, displaying your company logo or any other image you may wish.



Most of Proxind’s machines have a software that works according to a sequence of phases, some of which are necessary for the treatment, while other ones are optional.
Depending on the technical specifications of your liquids, you may choose to change the order of the sequence, or add or eliminate certain treatment steps.
The duration of most parts is customizable as well, based on your needs.


Technical Specifications

Our machines can be customized also from a technical point of view. For instance:

  • The standard power voltage is usually 12Vdc. However, you can request a different voltage based on your needs
  • You can also request customized tanks with different capacities
  • Proxind allows customization of the display of the treatment phases in some machines, for instance through display or LEDs
  • The menus on the displays are already available in several languages, but others can be added on request.



Request Information

Send us an email with your request and we will forward it to our competent staff members, who will find the best solution for you.

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15-month warranty
All Proxind machines and devices are guaranteed for 15 months from the time they are shipped. In the rare event that one of our machines should fail, Proxind will quickly ship spare parts.

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