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Green transition for everyone in the automotive aftermarket

Due to emissions of PM, CO, greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful substances in vehicle exhaust, the automotive sector is often cited as a major contributor to global pollution.

Proxind, on the other hand, is actively counteracting this trend with the “Proxind Green” project and an environmentally friendly approach to vehicle maintenance and care.

We believe that green transition should not be the preserve of those who can afford a new vehicle compliant with the latest regulations on emissions.

If we truly want to reduce our footprint on the Earth ecosystem, the green transition must be accessible to all, and the key word, in this regard, is maintenance.

As industry experts, you can now guide your customers towards a true green transition accessible to all, thanks to the reduction of emissions obtained by performing treatments with Proxind products.


Every Proxind’s project follows specific regulations in terms of

Environmental Protection


Project Proxind Additives & Oil Specialist

Our machines for engine maintenance and care allow the cleaning of various systems, thus cutting emissions. This is proved by the tests carried out on exhaust emissions before and after treatment.

Some of the maintenance operations with Proxind products, particularly effective in this regard, are those on the DPF, fuel injectors and intake manifold, as well as the oil change of the automatic transmission.

Project Proxind San X

Our sanitizing devices sanitize the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system of vehicles, as well as public or private premises, through natural solutions and therefore avoiding the use of sprays or chemicals, which damage the air quality.


Project Proxind Eco Pro

Thanks to our cleaning line, mechanical parts can be cleaned with no need for solvents, but only using water-based products, enzymes or microbes, thus significantly improving the environmental footprint.

In this way, we can ensure better safety for our operators and customers, while safeguarding the planet and ensuring a better future for future generations.

Moreover, Proxind purchases components from suppliers in local areas or from Northern Italy, a decision made to give life to very precise ‘green’ choices, which have made our way of working increasingly linked to the theme of sustainability. The aim of this initiative is to reduce the impact of transport on the environment and, at the same time, ensure top quality goods.

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15-month warranty
All Proxind machines and devices are guaranteed for 15 months from the time they are shipped. In the rare event that one of our machines should fail, Proxind will quickly ship spare parts.

Conceived in the beating heart of the Emilian Motor Valley, Proxind aims at revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket.

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