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A Team of experts to turn your ideas into reality

Day after day, Proxind is constantly committed to the design and manufacture of new machines that meet your needs.
In our laboratory, our R&D specialists study materials and electronic components every day, which will be used to create future innovative products.
Furthermore, our specialists choose and test together with you, our customers, the best materials for packaging and transport to ensure that our devices are not damaged when shipped.
Proxind strives for design, technology and environmental protection.

Proxind product characteristics

For these reasons, Proxind devices feature the following characteristics:


State-of-the-art design

to use

Eco-friendly approach

Innovation is key in every technologically advanced sector. However, in the automotive aftermarket it is even more important, as it is mainly a matter of successful maintenance of a vehicle and, therefore, final customer satisfaction.

For Proxind, R&D is a true technological asset that, together with customer satisfaction, represents the driving force of our growth.

R&D projects are continuously increasing and expanding, thus allowing us to offer a wider range of products. However, Proxind is still paying particular attention to the three main projects at the base of its core business: “Proxind Additives & Oil Specialist”, “Proxind San X” and “Proxind Eco Pro”.

For Proxind, design not only means beauty of the machines, but, above all, state-of-the-art features and functions.
Safety, reliability and ease of use are the goals that Proxind commits to achieve throughout the production of its devices.

We work to offer products that are both efficient and practical, whose design is the natural result of a careful study of materials and electronic components.

With these goals in mind, we listen to the demands of our customers and modify our projects accordingly, constantly renovating them to set the standard for technological excellence in the industry.

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15-month warranty
All Proxind machines and devices are guaranteed for 15 months from the time they are shipped. In the rare event that one of our machines should fail, Proxind will quickly ship spare parts.

Conceived in the beating heart of the Emilian Motor Valley, Proxind aims at revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket.

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